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Garage Games, Back in Business!!

So it’s official. The buzz is all over the industry. In with the old, and out with the new! Welcome back Garage Games!

On January 19th, 2011, Eric Preisz made the announcement of the year this year. It’s not just the fact that Garage Games is bringing back their engines at an affordable price, or that their going back to their old tried and true brand, or even that they are staying in Vegas, but they are also hiring new staff in their bigger location!

“We are committed to delivering you a full source solution without royalties at a price that indies can afford,

We are committed to a better out of the box experience: more intuitive tools focused on design, better tutorials and documentation, and web-site updates that support our most valuable feature…our community,

We are committed to bringing in more talent that can help us execute reliable processes, provide better quality, and set higher standards that exceed your expectation ( btw…we are hiring ).”

According to BusinessWire and Joystiq, The New and Improved Garage Games is being funded by Graham Software Development.

As experienced torque developers ourselves, we look forward to the changes and growth of this company coming down the pipe. What does that mean for our Overlord? It’s staying. We will be ramping up support requests and taking a look at our development roadmap for it to find the best possible solution for our indie developers that use our product.

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