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49 Pixels Needs Your Help – Measuring an Ecosystem

Justin Kozuch, the lead researcher for the Pixels to Product project, is looking for your help. For the last month Justin and the rest of the team have been working hard on creating their first survey that will help collect data regarding Canada’s fractured, digital landscape. We know that we exist, but what does that actually represent?

They are, “looking to hear from other digital media professionals who have expressed an interest in, and a passion for digital media and interactive content.”

For those of you who’ve never heard of 49 Pixels before, since May 2010, Justin and his team have embarked on an ongoing research and awareness program. Their goal, through defining, monitoring, and promoting the digital media industry in Canada, is to create a classification system for the digital media industry.

We encourage your participation in their efforts. If you are interested in supporting them, contact (justin {at} 49pixels(.)ca) so that they can add your name to their feedback loop. Your participation and support is pertinent to the accuracy of their cause.

For more information check out the 49 Pixels website, facebook page, and follow them on twitter.

Let’s keep the content rolling!

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